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16  General Discussion / General Discussion / Re: program to increase vertical? on: 28-Jan-12, 12:27:22 PM
The Jump Manual workout libraries are managed by Jacob Hiller and the Jump Manual and not by FitSync.  You could try contacting Jump Manual directly and ask for recommendations on how to supplement your training program.  I'm sure Jacob will have some suggestions and some workouts you can try.  If you have any questions on how to use FitSync you can post here or contact us directly at info (at) fitsync.com for 24/7 tech support.  Good luck with your training!

17  FAQ / iPhone / iPod Touch / Android / Re: Can't log in with iPhone 4 app on: 19-Jan-12, 12:57:42 PM
Thanks for checking in.  Most of what you describe was attributable to some well publicized bugs and glitches in the Apple OS update which affected a lot of 3rd party apps and not just FitSync.  Our understanding is that Apple, and local carriers, released fixes that should have corrected the problems.  We've seen a lot of hollering about everything from the iPhone being laggy to using more battery power.  Couple of suggestions:

1 - Make sure you have all the latest updates on your device.  I personally have an iPhone and the thing was crashing on everything until all the Apple updates were applied. 

2 - Check and see how much available storage you have; my iPhone really starts to crawl when it gets near capacity.

3 - Go into your FitSync Web account and minimize the number of active workouts you're syncing down each time (set them to "Inactive" if you're not using them).  We've seen users with over 50 active workouts! along with multiple programs scheduled which can slow down the app and sync times.  Try and keep your active workouts to about 10 or less.

4 - If you ever have trouble logging in, first try resetting your password (click Forgot Password above the login for the Web app) and if you still have trouble contact FitSync customer support at info (at) fitsync.com 24/7 and we can help you out. 

5 - Don't know why Apple would charge you twice - definitely ask them for a refund on that but contact our customer support line to make sure you're accessing the correct FitSync account.  Sometimes users will have multiple accounts or they'll upgrade to a new account but keep logging in with the old credentials that have expired.  Our tech support folks can usually clear that up in a few minutes. 

I'd suggest you contact our tech support line regardless so they can help you get sorted out.  Assuming you have all the updates on your device, a reinstall should clear things but check in with tech support anyway just to be sure.

18  Feature Requests / Feature Requests / Re: More Standard Exercises on: 16-Jan-12, 07:18:46 PM
Great!  Thanks for the kind words, we're glad you like the app.  Let me give you a couple tips on finding exercises in the libraries.

1 - Make sure you set the library filter to "All Libraries" so you're searching everything in the system

2 - If you know the name (row, bench press, curl, etc.) start by searching on name only and set the search filters to any modality, any muscle group, any type, etc. This will give you the biggest return but remember that exercise names aren't exactly standardized.  For example, try "rows" and you'll get 12 exercises BUT try "row" and you'll get 153!  Same deal with "Shrugs" - type in "Shrugs" and you'll get 2 hits but type in "Shrug" and you'll get 16 (Barbell, Smith, Behind the Back, Rolling, Machine, etc.)

3 - Next, use the filters to narrow your search.  So if you're looking for a "cable row" try typing "row" and setting modality to "cable" and you'll get 21 hits like seated, seated wide grip, seated narrow grip, one arm, standing, etc. 

Some key things to remember are:

1 - Exercise names aren't standardized so try variations on the name (row, rows, rear delt, lats, lat, shrug, shrugs, etc.) or try a combination of name, muscle group and modality.  Don't get me started on some of these crazy names - Interior Adduction on a Bosu with a Twist...  I'm an old square defensive lineman so give me a squat rack and a bench and I'm happy! 

2 - Always start with a few name options (row, rows, rowing) and "any" modality or muscle group  because not all the public submissions will specify the modality or the muscle group.  If you specify "cable" the seach will only pull exercises with modality set to "cable."

3 - Try combination of modality and muscle group searches so muscle group of "Back" and modality of "Barbell" will give you 39 hits and everything from Bent Over Rows to Deadlifts.  But if you just type in "back" and leave modality and muscle group set to "any" you'll get 347 hits.

Hope this helps.  Let us know if you have other questions.  Any suggestions to improve the app are always welcome so we want to hear both the good and the bad so we can improve the app.

Yours in Health,

John Morgan
Director, FitSync Enterprise Services

19  FAQ / Web / Re: Pick workouts based on equipment I have? on: 31-Dec-11, 06:58:54 PM
Great question.  The best way to find a workout with specific characteristics is to use the search options to refine your search but first, some background. 

Exercises are classified by modality (free weights, machines, tubes/bands, etc.) and workouts and programs are classified by type (cross training, weight loss, sport specific, etc.).  That's because workouts and multi-week programs will often use a combination of modalities so it's tough to pin one down as one modality only.

However, there are workouts that are designed for little or no equipment like a "home" or "travel" workout but are also classified by type such as strength or toning.  There are also workouts designed for a specific type of equipment such as "kettlebell" or "tubes/bands." 

Here's what you can do:

1 - Go into Workouts and then Workout Libraries
2 - Set library filter to All Libraries and All Types
3 - Enter Free Weights into the free text search field

Do this and you'll get about 31 workouts with "Free Weights" in the name but of course this won't catch every single free weight workout because not all of them have Free Weights in the name.

I'd suggest first searching on Free Weights in workouts and seeing if there's something there that fits.  If not, try searching by type (strength, weight loss, cross training, etc.) to narrow down your results and then use the View option to eyeball the workout's exercises (like you've been doing already).

If you find something close it's real easy to go in and edit the workout and swap in a free weight exercise in place of a cable or machine version.  When you edit your workouts you get the exercise library search filters so you can search by modality, muscle group, and a free text name so you can find a replacement.  If you can't find an exercise to swap in then you can create your own.

Hope this helps.  Happy New Year!

John Morgan 

20  Announcements / Announcements / Re: FitSync for Facebook is here on: 14-Dec-11, 08:12:54 PM
Sorry for the late reply.  Yes, we did hear from some users that they were having trouble after the most recent round of Facebook changes.  We made some updates on our end and that seemed to resolve it.  Are you still having trouble?  Please let us know if you are.

As an FYI, Facebook doesn't always provide advance notice of changes so occasionally we get caught with a few changes here and there.  So if you ever run into trouble, please let us know.  Most direct way is to email our tech support (which is 24/7)at info (at) fitsync.com.  This way we can track whether it's a user specific issue or global.

John Morgan
FitSync Enterprise Services
21  FAQ / Web / Re: Facebook App on: 14-Dec-11, 08:12:37 PM
Sorry for the late reply.  Yes, we did hear from some users that they were having trouble after the most recent round of Facebook changes.  We made some updates on our end and that seemed to resolve it.  Are you still having trouble?  Please let us know if you are.

As an FYI, Facebook doesn't always provide advance notice of changes so occasionally we get caught with a few changes here and there.  So if you ever run into trouble, please let us know.  Most direct way is to email our tech support (which is 24/7)at info (at) fitsync.com.  This way we can track whether it's a user specific issue or global.

John Morgan
FitSync Enterprise Services
22  General Discussion / General Discussion / Importance Of Healthy Lifestyle on: 06-Sep-11, 06:32:44 PM
Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to a longer life. Healthy lifestyles can reduce the risk of contracting serious diseases such as cancer. Living your life in a healthy manner also prevents obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. People who want to enjoy a long, healthy life can follow these tips in order achieve their health and fitness goals.

One of the primary ways you can achieve a healthy lifestyle is to eat a balanced diet. A diet comprised of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, dairy products and whole grains provides you with the nutrition you need to build a strong body. This doesn`t mean that you must completely eliminate your favorite snack foods from your diet. If you eat your favorite foods in moderation, you avoid consuming excessive calories while still satisfying your craving for sweet or salty snacks.

Physical exercise is another important way to achieve a healthy body. Just thirty minutes of daily exercise can help you maintain your weight and improve cardiovascular health. Whether you join a gym, take a dance class, walk around the neighborhood or play a game of basketball, incorporate regular exercise into your life in order to improve your health.

Diet and exercise are not the only ways to live a healthy life. A healthy lifestyle requires that you avoid tobacco as well. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco can lead to cancer and other serious illnesses such as emphysema. Making the decision to quit using tobacco can help you cut your risk of developing life-threatening illness. Of course, a person who strives for a healthy body will also avoid taking illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine.

Consuming moderate amounts of alcohol is not harmful, but if you overindulge in drinking, you can damage your body. Drinking too much beer, wine or liquor can lead to impaired faculties. People who consume large amounts of alcohol may run the risk of developing alcohol poisoning. Severe cases of alcohol poisoning can cause death. People who drink too much alcohol also have a higher risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver.

If you cultivate a healthy lifestyle, you will enjoy better mental and emotional health. By getting enough sleep at night, enjoying your favorite hobbies, taking time to meditate and expressing emotions in positive ways, you will boost your mental health. Someone who experiences excellent mental and emotional health also enjoys a greater sense of self esteem and wellbeing.

Wearing Aetrex shoes is one way that you can start a healthy lifestyle. Comfortable shoes that support the feet will make it easier to begin an exercise program. FitSync can also help you track your progress, allowing you to log your workouts and keep track of the pounds lost and strength gained. This motivates you to continue on the road to a healthier body. Whether you start your new way of life by changing your diet, giving up smoking, incorporating more physical activity into your life or limiting alcohol intake, it`s important to make gradual lifestyle changes in order to work toward a healthier you.
23  FAQ / Web / Re: Seperate Workouts; Same Exercise; Different targets? on: 21-Jul-11, 04:12:06 PM
Good question, Ryan.  Right now the system attaches targets to the specific exercise rather than the workout which is why the targets for Pushups will be the same even if the exercise is in different workouts.

The reason for this structure is twofold; to keep exercises and targets unique to each other for consistency and to make the reports meaningful. 

For example, you might be doing the same exercise in multiple workouts (like crunches or elliptical, etc.) and performing it the same each time so you'll keep the same targets for consistency.

In terms of reporting, you might perform 3 variations of the same exercise depending on the workout so you'll want to track them separately.  For example, maybe you do bench heavy, light, and reps.  If you tracked all 3 types in one exercise the reports wouldn't make sense because the data would be all over the place (one day your max is 415, the next its 185).  However, if you create 3 separate exercises then you can track the performance in each so you can see how your raw strength is progressing (max rep) as well as endurance (like doing reps of 225 for the combine).

We understand that's fine for bodybuilders or powerlifters or competitive athletes who want to track the specific progression of each unique way they may perform the same exercise but your example is a bit different.  You want to pre-set your progression of reps for a single exercise which could be bodyweight like Pushups or could also apply to resistance exercises. 

We have some enterprise versions (military) that do this but we haven't made this available in our public version due to the variability of presetting targets.  We explored countless methods (linear, increasing at a decreasing rate, etc.) but the reality is that unless we take into account body type (ectomorph vs. endomorph), experience (newbie or pro athlete), frequency, mix of cardio vs strength, etc. (you get the picture) it's darn near impossible to come up with a presetting formula that works.

Therefore, later this summer we'll be releasing a new version that will allow you to do as you say; set current and future targets for the same exercise but link by workout.  That way you can set your Pushups to go up by 1 or 2 reps a week or any other rate of progression you wish.

Tell us a bit more about the options and variations you'd like to see in setting targets.  We'll have the basic functionality to set targets specific to the workout (so pushups in workout 1 might have targets of 3 sets of 30 reps each while workout 2 might have 5 sets of 25 reps each).  What other options would you like to see?  We'd like to hear exactly what our users would like so we can take that into consideration when we configure our features.

Best in Health,

24  Feature Requests / Feature Requests / Re: Confirm Remove From Workout before Removing on: 21-Jul-11, 03:49:05 PM
Hey Kent-
Good idea, thanks for taking the time to share some recommendations.  I thought I'd check in and give you an update relevant to your post because we have a new version coming out towards the end of summer that should make everyone happy.

We've gone back and forth on this issue for years whether to include a "confirm?" button or not for many of our features.  Some users complain that it slows them down if we always pop up an "are you sure?" or "confirm?" while others want a popup as a guard against accidentally removing something.  So far we put in popup confirmations when the action is permanent (like deleting a workout forever) but we don't have a popup for things that you can restore like removing a workout from your Active list.

However, in your example its a different scenario because its the placement of buttons in the app that's causing the accidental action.  The solution, coming out in about a month or so, is a redesigned mobile interface that will make it a lot harder to accidentally remove an exercise. 

This way you won't get slowed down by confirmation popups if you want to remove a bunch of exercises while at the same time the chances of accidentally hitting the wrong button will be greatly reduced.

We'll give everyone a heads up when our new version is ready.  Thanks again for giving us some good feedback.

25  FAQ / Web / Re: Max reps? on: 21-Jul-11, 03:01:35 PM
Hey Ryan-
Good question.  You're right that if you set a high target it can count against you in your percentage of targets achieved calculation.  We don't have a "max" setting but I have an easier solution.

For exercises where you're not sure what you might hit on a given day or if you switch off a lot in the same exercise (one workout you go heavy on bench, the next you do high reps) just leave the targets field blank and rely more on your "Last" data as a guide.  I do that a lot especially for exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench.  I'll set targets for the first two sets for warmups (to remind me not to go heavy when I'm cold even if I'm short on time) and for the remaining sets I just check what I did last time for a reference.

For exercises where I'm not going all out (like some core work) then I'll set targets and stick pretty close to them.  When things start getting easy then I'll boost them a little.

Hope this answers your question and gives you some ideas.  If I'm offbase, post back and I can share some other ideas.

26  Pro Forum / Pro Forum / Re: Questions about the Pro FitSync offering on: 29-Mar-11, 09:05:10 PM
Hi Tim-
Thanks for the kind words and for the great questions and suggestions.  We answered some of these questions privately via email but you’re right that others would definitely benefit from the answers so let me get right to it. 

•Is there any way to configure the client screens such that they do not have to have the "Marquee" visible? I did not see a configuration option for that, but would really like to be able to suppress that module.

The Marquee is a standard configuration in the main "public" FitSync system.  There are options for enterprise configurations to change this display but we're looking at including display options for the individual professional accounts as well.

•It would be great if there were a way to set the "default" profile when creating new clients.

Agreed.  This is something we typically custom configure for club implementations but we're also looking at making this an option for pro accounts also.
•In the client profile, it would be preferred that there was not the encouragement to "find a new trainer" as that kind of defeats the point for a trainer to hand out the web accounts.

I know what you mean but this is a tricky one because on one hand, a lot of individual FitSync users are interested in finding trainers but we also understand that professional users may not want their clients to see the offerings of other trainers.  We’re wrestling with a few approaches and are looking at giving trainers the option of turning off directory access for the client accounts they create.  This has received a lot of discussion internally but I think that’s the best compromise.  Individuals who join FitSync on their own can roam free but if they join by virtue of their trainer setting up their account then they’re limited to that trainer.  What do you guys think? (and I’d love to hear from some individuals and clients too!)

•Is there a way to assign the Trail Assessment or the full Assessment as a task to the clients?

Two approaches that are popular.  First is to message the client and ask them to complete it or to post something in their journal and tell them to complete it prior to the first session.  Another is to sit with the client and complete it together during the first assessment session.  We’re looking at making this a “scheduleable”  (sorry, not sure if that’s a real word) event that you can put on the client schedule.   

•We would really like to be able to customize the detail/questions as found on the Assessment form. Any options for that?

We do this for our enterprise configurations and considered this but our beta groups kept asking for a “standard” set of questions so we tried to strike a happy balance.  What other questions would you like to see?
•Is there anyway to configure/access the client profile once the New Client account has been created? It would be handy to have the option to promote something specific to one or all clients via a push presentation other than the message system. Or perhaps to reset a client Password.

If I understand the question, the client community profile is created by the client so we let them control what is publicly exposed.  I hope that’s what you’re asking.  We do have a “message all clients” option and will be releasing later this year an email and SMS link so when you message a client you’ll broadcast it to every destination they have in their account; FitSync Web account, FitSync mobile app, email SMS, etc.  We do have a Forgot Password option (cleverly hidden on our main page above the login box, lots of folks can’t find the thing) that requires the user to enter the email address they have on file and the system will automatically send out their login details.

•Is there any to sort or order the clients in the list on My Clients page. Perhaps an option would be to order them in order of most recent activity, descending.

This is a common configuration in our enterprise accounts but not something we’ve added to the main system.  We will be releasing some nice new options here by mid summer.

•Did not see anyway to remove/deactivate clients from the My Clients page. Is there functionality for that?

You’re right we don’t have a “remove client” option but we can do that for you on request.  This is another standard enterprise feature that hasn’t yet made it to the main site.

•Is there any way to reconfigure a set of clients at one time or is it an individual process?

Individual process, if you mean the My FitSync configuration.  I think once we include some options to set a default then this would be less important.  You could set your preferred array that  every client gets and then further personalize each client with a specific exercise or goal.

•What is arrangement for the personalized version of FitSync? What is the level of configuration available? Color schemes? Logos? Reports?

The only difference is that the personal version does not have a “Clients” button in the upper left.  We do offer private branding which is pretty much limitless.  We can do a very basic matching of your color scheme and logo or we can go nuts (like we’ve done for some big enterprise clients) and do a complete custom configuration.  Unlike a lot of vendors (even the big guys) we do a lot of very extensive customization for clients because we find that although 90% of clubs and trainers run their businesses the same way, it’s that last little 10% that makes a big difference.

Good questions, I'm interested to hear other perspectives and what else we can do to further fine tune the application.

27  Feature Requests / Feature Requests / Re: Cardio and Met Value on: 03-Mar-11, 12:45:22 PM
Hi Lawrence-
Thanks for the suggestions and the nice compliment!  Glad you like our application. 

As a Polar 625SX user myself I know exactly what you mean.  Right now most users (like me) will manually copy data from their Polar into their FitSync cardio exercise and enter average HR and calories expended for the workout.  If you're doing cardio training whether swimming, cycling, running, etc. you can log the data that is most important to you such as averages for the workout which you can chart over time.  Strength exercises can be done the same way - include a cardio exercise with the strength routine so you can log the effort expended as recorded by your Polar.

We are in the process of completely revising our cardio logging functionality to include more options.  We'll keep everyone updated on our progress and when we'll be releasing the next big upgrade.

28  Feature Requests / Feature Requests / Re: run mapping feature on: 03-Mar-11, 12:09:34 PM
Hi Jer-
Thanks for checking in, good idea on the gps.  We're in the process of completely revising our cardio logging functionality.  Right now it's mostly focused on logging 5 indicators - time, distance, level, calories, and heart rate - but we're looking to expand this into more options and engage gps functionality.  If you're interested in being a beta tester, send us a private email at info@fitsync.com and we can set you up for our next round of releases coming out mid-summer.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

29  Feature Requests / Feature Requests / Re: The ability to rate and critique Workout Programs on: 03-Mar-11, 11:54:13 AM
Hi Jen-
Thanks for the kind words, glad you like the app and appreciate that there's a lot of hard work involved!

That's a great idea to have a ratings system for workouts.  We've actually been thinking about doing it for a while but other more pressing releases took priority like a Create Workout function for Android and iPhone and libraries and other updates. 

I like your suggestion to have comments in addition to ratings because people often have some valuable personal experiences to share.  Like me - I'm a big guy who does a lot of traditional powerlifting and old style football lineman workouts but back problems (and a persistent wife) got me into yoga and would you believe my back problems all but disappeared!  Now I preach to other guys like me who normally wouldn't be caught dead in a yoga class to give it a try.  Sometimes the best teacher are the personal experiences shared by others with similar needs and interests.

Thanks again for checking in and sharing some ideas.

John Morgan
Director, FitSync Enterprise Services

30  FAQ / iPhone / iPod Touch / Android / Re: Android 2.1 Error on: 07-Feb-11, 11:04:45 PM
What network are you on, I'm wondering if they're routing traffic through a proxy or otherwise monkeying with the connection so that's why you're not getting the correct OTA install.  Try this, go to http://fitsync.com/android and then click REGISTER to create an account.  Let us know how that goes.

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